July 1, 2016, I heard the unthinkable words..."Your Mom has lung cancer." We lost Daddy June 10, 2015 and I was not ready to lose my Mom. After numerous tests, biopsies and scans, a treatment plan was determined. It included chemo treatments and Mom was terrified of losing her hair. Coastal Cancer Center recommended Marlisa Wig Studio in Little River. About half way through Mom’s treatments, the inevitable happened and Mom’s hair started coming out. Mom and I took a trip to Marlisa’s shop. We walked in, both of us a bundle of nerves, and Marlisa greeted us. Her calm and understanding voice immediately put us at ease. She went on to say that she was a stage 4 cancer survivor and she understood where Mom was coming from. Marlisa and Candice started fitting Mom with a wig and found the perfect wig and color combination for Mom. Mom is much more confident and I cannot thank Marlisa and Candice for their generosity in gifting the wig to Mom. They had prayer for Mom and there was not a dry eye when we left the shop. THANK YOU, Marlisa and Candice for your kindness the willingness to help when we didn’t know there were options available.

May God Bless you,

Jackie Zimmerman (daughter)
Blanche Collins (Mom)
Jackie Zimmerman
'Bold and Beautiful' - what a wonderful organization! A year ago, I met Marlisa when visiting the salon with a dear friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was pleasantly surprised that through this organization, beautiful "hair" options were available at no charge for those undergoing chemotherapy. Little did I know that a year later, I would be visiting Marlisa for a wig for myself as I, too, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis of cancer is utterly devastating, the side effects of chemo are brutal physically and then there is the emotional trauma of losing your hair which can shake your pride and dignity. Fortunately, there is a bright light of "hope" of becoming "Bold and Beautiful" provided by Marlisa. Thank you, Marlisa, for your unending dedication to this wonderful project, your genuine care and concern of your clients, and your willingness to do anything and everything to help those of us who struggle with life-altering diagnosis to feel "Bold & Beautiful". With our support, may "Bold & Beautiful" continue to touch the lives of many!

With heart felt gratitude!
Donna Blevins
Nan HastingNan Hasting 2Going through cancer is hard. Between doctor's appointments, chemo, and surgery, you tend to feel a bit overwhelmed. All you can think about is surviving cancer. Then once you come to terms with the diagnosis and your plan of action, you begin to lose your hair. There is something very sobering when your hair starts to fall out. You think this is real; this is happening; my body is turning on me again. At first it was cancer, and now I am going bald. It was at that point that my husband and I were driving my Marlisa's Wig Studio. I told him to stop. He asked me if I had ever been in the shop before; I said 'no, but it's a wig studio; maybe I can buy a wig. Little did I know how this woman would impact my life, in more ways than I ever expected. First off, Marlisa's kindness was so genuine, I felt comfortable telling my story to her. My second bout with cancer was something I never expected. I came in with most of my hair, but even as we sat there and talked about a wig, my hair was coming out. I told her I was scheduled to get my hair buzzed in about an hour, but needed a wig. I got my hair shaved, and within an hour was fitted with a beautiful, free wig . I am not a vain person by any means, but when cancer tries to take so much from you, you just want to look good. That chance encounter has brought a true angel and a very dear friend into my life.
Nan Hasting
Heather BelottMy name is Heather and I am 43 years old. On the day before Thanksgiving as I was getting dresses for work (I am an RN in the ER), I noticed a discoloration on my breast. I got it checked right away, went through testing, and on December 9th, was diagnosed with inflammatory ductal invasive breast cancer. My world was turned upside down. I learned this was a rapidly grown cancer, and I needed to start chemo right away. I had my first treatment on December 18th. The plan is for me to have 16 rounds of aggressive chemo, then surgery, then radiation. It will be a one to two year journey like I have never encountered. I am married to a very supportive, loving husband, and we are going through this together. Each day brings so many ups and downs that we feel like we are a in a whirlwind. I was told that I would lose my hair due to the powerful chemo medications. One of my friends went online, researched, and shared with me that there was a salon right next to my hometown that has wigs for women going through cancer. She sent me a video she found online, and provided me with the name and address of the salon. Another good friend drove with me to the salon and shared the experience with me. Marlisa and Kandice welcomed us into their salon, and made us feel loved and welcome. They made trying on wigs feel like a beauty treatment, and provided prayer and words of comfort. I cannot put into words how they made me feel that day. I left their salon with the most beautiful wig that they gave me for free, and a feeling of new friendship and beauty. I decided I did not want to go through the stages of my hair falling out, and returned to Marlisa's Wig studio a week later. I had Tammy buzz off my hair. Now i wear my beautiful wig. I was able to donate my hair for wigs for children with cancer, and I feel so good about that. I made some beautiful friends an have gone through an experience I was dreading, now feeling comforted and prepared to fight this fight!
Heather Belott
Sally KoontzWhen I got diagnosed of ovarian cancer, I felt like my life just came to a standstill and I could think of nothing else. Once the news set in, I realized I had to become my own advocate, and approach what was coming with faith and a positive attitude. I heard there was a local wig shop that would help me find hair that would look like my own. My first visit there was the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Marlisa and Tammy. They not only met my needs for hair, but their prayerful outreach of support and encouragement helped me every stop of the way through my treatments. I am proud to support Bold & Beautiful Wigs for Cancer. I have seen numerous women's faces light up when given a wig, knowing that someone cares about what they are going through. This is a cause that will always be near and dear to my heart.



Sally Koontz
ToniMy name is Toni Lewis, and I have had the blessing and pleasure of meeting with Marlisa and her wonderful family of care. I was overwhelmed by the instant bonding and love when I walked into her shop with my husband. Marlisa helped me pick out a new head of hair that wasn't just everyday. It was a lift; something new that looked right and is fun. I have confidence, and people that know me tell me all the time how they like the change in me. Thank you, and may God shower you with blessings you send out.





Toni Lewis
Dana LewisMy name is Dana. I am a 37 year old wife and mother to three beautiful children and I have breast cancer. I was diagnosed in October 2015. Being the strong-willed woman I am, I have faced this battle head-on. I have tried to prepare myself for every obstacle I would face. Days before my first chemotherapy, I had my waist length hair cut to my shoulders. I was ready for anything or so I thought. After my third treatment, I started noticing a larger than normal hair loss when I brushed my hair. By my fifth treatment, I was losing my hair in wads and had large bald spots developing. I now had to cook meals wearing a hair net. At that point I realized I had to do something. My husband took the clippers to what was left of my hair. I then showered to rinse off, and broke down crying harder than I can remember crying. I started wearing scarves and hats, but with the loss of my hair I did not feel complete. A few weeks later, Sarah, the wonderful Chemo nurse at Coastal Cancer Center, told me about Marlisa's Wig Studio. From the moment I walked into her shop, I felt surrounded by loving, caring people. They started helping me try on wigs. When we got to the third one, I knew I had found mine. It looked so cute and fit like it was made for my head; it also helped to see my husband grinning big from across the room! After I had picked my wig, I also picked out a hat. It was such a blessing because they were both free of charge to me. After everything was bagged up, they prayed with my husband and me. Marlisa and her staff are wonderful and friendly, and made me feel beautiful again. I left her shop feeling like I had made new friends and I will gladly stop back in to visit.
Dana Lewis
Pam McClurePam McClure 2On December 4, 2012, I heard the words that no one wants to hear. I was told I had stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. The next two days were a blur. I do not remember much at all. A friend asked me to lunch and a short field trip, and we arrived at Marlisa's Wig Studio. The moment I decided that cancer might take my hair, I said it would be on my terms. I gathered a couple hundred of my closest friends together for support and shaved my head on New Years Day, right in the middle of Duck's Beach Club dance floor. Marlisa was standing close by to take me to the next triumphant level. She and her team have been there every step of the way. They picked out the perfect wig for me, just by seeing my picture. They offered me my choice of anything I wanted. I settled on what they chose for me.
Pam McClure
Pam FowlerI was diagnosed over three years ago with breast cancer. My immediately thought was, "I know I will beat this Cancer!" I did indeed! Marlisa was and is my saving grace. Coming into her wig shop is like going to a different world. Marlisa saved my pride by giving me my first wig. Feeling as if I have a crown on with my wigs, I will enjoy wearing them and I will for the rest of my life. Thank you so much, Marlisa, for all you do so unselfishly. I love you dearly.



Pam Fowler
Holly Beeman 2Holly BeemanI was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age 35. Not knowing any reputable companies or anything about what to look for when buying a wig, I ordered online. I waited a month, received a very poor quality wig, and was told no returns. I was still adjusting to the idea of my diagnosis, feeling horrible from chemo, and sad about losing my hair. I do not know how my friend Leslie found Bod & Beautiful Wigs for Cancer, but she contacted them and sent them a picture of me. I was surprised when I received a gorgeous wig in the mail! It was heartwarming that they cared enough to reach out to someone to help me, and that an organization such as this exists. I sat in my driveway and cried after ripping open this mystery package. I was so touched. I immediately ran inside to try it on and take photos in it! At a time in my life when I not only did not feel OR look my best, it made me feel like me again, healthy and vibrant.

Holly Beeman