Marlisa is the owner of Marlisa’s Wig Studio & Day  Spa.  They are a full service salon and open to the pubic.  Offering many services such as massages, facials, reflexology, spa pedicures and spa manicures, gel nails and hairstylist.  And much more. You can visit them at 1561 Hwy 17 North in Little River, SC. Or call for an appointment 1-843-424-1638.

Marlisa Small, Owner of Marlisa’s Wig Studio & Day Spa in Little River, SC, was diagnosed in 1991 with cancer and is a 28 year survivor of stage 4 Cancer.  She is not defined by this but inspired by the strength and courage she sees in other survivors, those just learning about their illness and those going through treatments.

Marlisa’s Wig Studio  & Day Spa is now located and thriving in the heart of Little River at 1561 Hwy 17 North.  Anyone going through cancer treatment that comes to Wig Studio is provided a custom new wig free of charge!

Marlisa has helped cancer patients from Ocean Isle, Sunset Beach, Calabash, Holden Beach, Longs, Little River, and North Myrtle Beach.  She has also sent wigs across the United States and internationally!  They can send a picture and she works with them.  She is open daily Monday – Friday 10 am to 5 pm or call 1-843-424-1638 for an appointment.

 She is a member of the North Myrtle Beach Ladies Club.  As Ms. South Carolina Senior America 2018 she represented the great state of South Carolina. Competing in Atlantic City in October she brought awareness for her non profit for Wigs for Cancer, Inc. and placed in the top ten.  She received a standing ovation and brought the house down with her competition performance of Martini McBride’s ‘I’m going to love you through it’.

Marlisa was named Rotarian of the year 2009-2010; Recognized for her fundraising successes for the North Strand Homeless Shelter; and has awards of recognition from the Veterans Center.  She received the Martin Luther King community service award  for 2017 for her service to the community. 

These are just a few of the organizations in the community Marlisa gives back to.

Marlisa promotes a Wig and makeup class along side Tami Wilcox Fogleman of Tami & Co to help women look good and feel better about themselves.  And works with other cancer awareness programs such as TR’s Cancer Fighters.  You will find her singing the National Anthem in honor of our great nation whenever she is called upon.  She will forever support our veterans.

Marlisa gives her time and talents to raising money for many causes in the community.  She has two Fundraiser’s a year with her 501(c)3 nonprofit. The first is Bold & Beautiful Wigs for Cancer which provides custom free wigs to those going through cancer.  She has helped thousands of women, men and children.  Her 9th Annual Bold & Beautiful Gala, which will be held on February 15, 2020 at The Hilton will help to provide funds for her free wigs, hats and pieces for the many effected by cancer in our area and abroad.

In December of 2017 Marlisa raised over $42,000 (profit) at the Gala to fund her 2018 efforts.  Since then she has provided on average of 10 free wigs a week to patients undergoing chemo treatments.  These wigs are not your typical wigs given in kind.  They are high quality wigs which average $180 retail.  You will also find Marlisa helping women shampoo and care for their wigs and follow them thru their treatments with prayer and spiritual guidance.

Marlisa’s other fundraiser is Camp Kemo, which she calls her Bold & Beautiful Buddies, which helps children going thru cancer attend camp for a week.  In 2018 Marlisa along with the efforts of others in the area who work on this fundraiser, raised over $32,000 to send children to camp.

Looking for ways to inspire others, Marlisa is out there everyday bringing awareness to changing the life’s of those going through the side effects of cancer.  Are you interested in helping too?  Give Marlisa a call at 1-843-424-1638 and make a donation!